Y’all…something that’s been in the making for MONTHS has finally happened:

I opened up a merch store!


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Having a merch store always seemed like one of those things that I never thought I’d get to have, because I never thought I’d be “cool” enough to have one, or ever have anything worth while of myself/my content sell in a merch store. With the new branding that I got, and conceptualizing I did in my head about how it would look on shirts, coffee mugs, etc., I knew it was something that would work.

After getting the details of the store organized (which included one night of staying up until 1am…oof), I knew I wanted to make the announcement for this store BIG, so I asked a couple of friends (who also stream on Twitch) to be in photos with the merch! We did the fastest photoshoot ever (because it was 110 degrees outside and we started sweating almost IMMEDIATELY) across the street from my apartment complex in front of this adorable pink brick building, which made the photos so eye-catching and vibrant, and really brought out the pinks in the merch design! I was so, so happy with how the photos turned out, and it’s exactly the kind of quality I was hoping for.

So here we are on the day of it finally opening, and I’m a mix of elated, relieved, and so, so excited. I want this to do so well, because these designs represent me so accurately (you have @peppermintplays on Twitter to thank for how GORGEOUS these turned out) and it’s something I know will help me even more with all my career goals, down the line. I just can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about it!


If you get anything from the store, and decide to share it on social media, don’t forget to tag me (I’m @jeffbrutlag on Twitter and Instagram) and I’ll make sure to share the photo of you with the merch! I’d probably scream loudly for a solid ten minutes first after seeing someone share a picture of them with my merch, so as long as I don’t scream to the point of oxygen deprivation, I will be sure to immediately retweet/share it, afterwards.

Hope you all enjoy the merch! Let me know which designs you like the most, so far! And don’t you worry; there will be PLENTY more to come, in the future!

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