The final touches are under way, and we’re beyond excited to welcome you to a place you can feel at home on September 29th. Doors open at 1pm PDT!

It’s the final teaser for this HUGE Twitch channel rebrand that’s been in the works for well over a year! I’m ecstatic and also incredibly anxious that we’re so close to showing you these cyber café vibes. I’ve sat with so many of these assets for so long, the antsy feelings are almost unbearable. When I think of how close I am to launching it, I hear a shrill, distant screaming in my head. I’m sure it will only get louder as the 29th gets closer.

I really want the rebrand to succeed, not just for ~online success~ and all that jazz. I want it to succeed because I genuinely believe in this concept. The more I work with it, the more I realize just how many ways I can make this fun. Working so hard on this rebrand helped me realize that I’ll have so much fun with the cyber café concept. What these artists and I created for you is beyond what I even imagined.

Can we prepare you a cup of something cozy in the meantime?

I’ll be streaming on September 29th for quite a while, so even if you can’t make it at the start, no worries at all! We have a full day of celebrating the launch. There will giveaways, stories about getting to 3 years as a Twitch partner (whoa), and a horror game that’s more weird than scary. Even if you’re like “but Jeff, I’m so scared of horror,” it’s all good! Not only will you be surrounded by welcoming individuals who would chat with you to distract from the spookiness, but I truly promise you that the game (Illbleed) is very not scary. It’s just goofy. Think B horror movies, but even weirder, and in a video game.

I truly hope to see you there. Even if you can only stop by to say hello, that’s more than enough. Your time is valuable, and choosing to share any of it is a gift that I’ll always be thankful for. The cyber café’s doors will always be open to you!

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