Hello, there!

I’m Jeff. I’m a queer fiction/creative nonfiction writer and Twitch streamer who has been passionate about storytelling for as long as I can remember. I started my first novel (which will most likely never see the light of day) during my junior year of high school, and ever since then, I’ve been passionate about writing.

The stories I like to tell are very much inspired by the human condition, and I’m a sucker for a character-driven narrative. I enjoy writing introspective nonfiction essays, opinion pieces, and fiction stories with LGBTQIA+ protagonists/casts. When I was younger, I would have loved to see more stories about the queer community following their dreams and living their lives as they are, so the work I put out is very much inspired by my desire to see more queer stories.

I’ve also been dabbling in writing about video games, as the stories and experiences games have to offer anymore are ones I feel deserve as much publicity as they can get. I spent a lot of my childhood on some sort of video game, and I just couldn’t get enough of them. The way that they are able to tell stories is so immersive, really pulling you right into the characters’ struggles. I find myself having so many thoughts about each game I play, that turning it into articles I can share with the world feels like a great way to channel my passion for them into reviews told in my big gay voice.

Because of all this passion for video games, I decided to start streaming on Twitch in 2017. Connecting with other people through live-streaming the games I’m passionate about just enhances the experience, allowing us to discuss our different perspectives on the contents of the game. Whether it’s enjoying a story all together, or playing some fun games with each other, it makes gaming a fun and social activity.

My Twitch channel is also a safe space to discuss queer topics, life, and our struggles, which gives people a place to speak openly and safely if they don’t have a place to talk about them in their day-to-day lives. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by my website! Hope to see you again soon.

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