The title image for Monster Hunter Now

I recently got the pleasure of being in a closed beta test for Monster Hunter Now, a mobile game from Capcom and Niantic which will be launching on September 14th!

I was thrilled to be able to do this, as my inner child got to have a little fangirl moment about testing a game from a big games publisher. All my life, I’ve always thought getting to test and weigh in on the games I love would be an absolute dream come true, so the more I get opportunities like this, the more I have to remind myself that, yes, this is really happening, and that’s pretty rad.

I had a lot to say about the game, and most of it was good! I genuinely think this game is fun, and can see myself playing it often well past its release date. However, there are aspects of it I still have some concerns about, and wonder about the longevity of the game because of these concerns.

What’s currently there though is solid, and I’m hoping the game will continue to build upon itself so that it can continue to be engaging.

Click here for my full review of the game, so far!

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