I played a demo for My Friendly Neighborhood months ago, and after just that experience, I knew this would be one to remember. I absolutely love when horror has that perfect intersection of cute and spooky, and with how many times these puppets talked about eating their own fists, It was just as delightful as I was hoping it would be. It’s like Resident Evil meets Sesame Street, exactly the way you hope it would be.

While I knew I would enjoy this kooky, spooky experience, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the nuggets of optimistic wisdom it bestowed throughout the game, specifically toward the end. The devs for this game could have easily just given us the typical mascot horror where the mascots are cute, but you can definitely see that something’s…off, but the fact that there ended up being a deeper layer behind this game made it stand out so much more.

Check out my latest article on Medium here to see what exactly made this game so special to me. There are some mild spoilers, but nothing too revealing! Just enough to prove my points as to why I’m basically obsessed with this game.

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