Happy Pride Month to all my beautiful queer friendos, out there!

This year, I wanted to do something that could be simultaneously important for the queer community, while also not taking discussions around our liberation and empowerment too seriously. When Pride Month or discussions around LGBTQIA+ topics come around, it almost always has a tendency to become a drag, a reminder that we’re still second class citizens. While it’s important to shed light on our oppression, because we are still VERY MUCH targeted by those in power for having our rights stripped away, being queer isn’t all doom and gloom. We have so much to be joyous about as queer people, and I wanted to give that joy the spotlight this month.

So here it is, y’all. #QueerJoyProject on Tiktok starts TODAY:


Like/comment/share if you’re thinking about joining in on the queerjoyproject! 🏳️‍🌈 #queerjoy #lgbt #lgbtq

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Every day during Pride Month, I’ll be posting a video on Tiktok about what I’m feeling joy about, either that day, or in general. It may be related to queer identity, or it may just be anything in the world that’s making me feel joy. The idea is to showcase us as complex people, not just as figureheads who have faced queer related trauma time and time again. We have things we’re passionate about, we have aspects of our lives that make us smile without thinking about it, and we feel rushes of euphoria just like anyone else. All of that joy is beautiful, powerful, and just as capable of inspiring change as shedding light on our oppression.

If you want to join in on #QueerJoyProject, I would be absolutely delighted to see your videos! The idea is to get this project spreading all over the internet as much as possible, and make it impossible to ignore. If you can’t post every day, that’s okay! Even just one video for the month would be INCREDIBLE. If you want to join me in posting every day for the month, though, even more power to you. The daily videos are definitely more of a challenge for me, but I don’t think anyone will complain about even more queer joy on the internet.

How do you plan on celebrating Pride Month, this year? I’d love to hear about any of your plans in the comments!

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