JeffBrutlag's 5-Year Streamiversary Subathon will be a 2-day, 24-hour total event starting on Friday, April 29th at 10 am PDT with second day happening May 1st, also at 10am. 2 minutes added to event per sub (12 hours max per day). Goals for total subs include a Blanket Fort Stream at 500, Jackbox Stream with the mods at 600, Genshin Impact stream at 700, 12-hour Silly Spooky special which will start on Sunday if the goal is met on Friday, new emote slot + Cuphead Stream at 900, new emote slot + Silent Hill Marathon at 1,000, Time Capsule Stream at 1100, New Emote Slot + Streaming Q&A with Jeff at 1200

It’s absolutely bonkers to me that I’ve been streaming on Twitch for a whole 5 years, now. Five years of one of the hardest jobs I’ve done, but also the most rewarding, and most revealing when it comes to my work ethic, how I deal with setbacks, and adapting on the fly. I can’t picture myself doing anything else right now (except perhaps doing narrative work for video games…hint hint nudge nudge, game devs) and this job has definitely given me so, so much to be grateful for, as well as help me rack up accomplishments I never thought I could attain.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m doing a whole two-day event to hopefully achieve gaining some more emote slots for subscribers to use around Twitch, as well as celebrate how much this community has helped me grow throughout the years by unlocking some fun, silly streams for everyone to look forward to!

I will also be giving away some exciting prizes with companies I’m partnered with, such as coffee, energy supplement drinks, merch from my merch store, potentially some games, and more! There’s so much more I want to do to thank the community for all that they’ve done, and I feel like this would be just skimming the tip of the iceberg, as far as what the community deserves for supporting me for all these years.

Twitch has been a central part of my life now for all these years, carrying me through hard times like being laid off from my first full-time job, being a caretaker for my mom while she was in hospice for her stage 4 breast cancer, selling/moving out of the house I spent over 20 years of my life in, being diagnosed and starting medication for depression, realizing I’m non-binary…I mean, the list just keeps going. Even during the times when I felt like my Twitch streams would never get better, like I had gained all the success I could get from streaming on this platform, it provided a sense of comfort, stability, connection, and a community of kind, like-minded people giving me a sense of purpose that filled a void in my life I was always missing.

Even if we only hit that first goal of 500 subscriptions, I’d be happy, knowing that we celebrated 5 years worth of accomplishments on Twitch. But my personal goal is that we get to 1000 subs by the end of the event on Sunday, because I have a secret personal goal that I’ll be revealing during the stream, if we hit 800 subs. It’s something I’ve been DYING to do for a bit, but haven’t felt like I have a good enough reason to just do it, and I would definitely feel more comfortable making it a personal incentive for if we hit that goal.

I hope to see you there, and if you won’t be able to stop by either day, that’s okay! You’re a person with a whole life to live! Spreading the word by sharing this post, or however you’d like to spread the word, would be equally helpful. The more eyes on my channel, the more likely my channel is to be discovered, which means more potential to hit some of these goals!

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