Hey, everyone! I put up a new piece on my Medium account regarding my self-image as a non-binary person.

Ever since I realized that being non-binary was a part of me, it became easier to understand why I felt certain ways about my image, and how that related to whether or not I feel desirable by the people I hope would find me desirable. It became easier to look at how my self-image relates to the world around me, think about aspects of my own identity related to feeling attractive, and really put into words what it’s like for me, someone who feels neither male nor female, to think of myself as desirable.

I wanted to write this not only as a moment of catharsis for myself, but also because I know several non-binary folx out there might feel the same way. No matter where we fall on the non-binary spectrum, I know several of my friends have felt pressure to present more masculine, or more feminine to feel desirable, and sometimes, more androgynously to be valid.

But all of it is valid. How you identify, and how you present, can be whatever you feel like. And guess what? You’re desirable, simply because you’re you. It’s still talking me a bit to get there, but logically, this much I know.

If you’d like to read this piece, click here to check it out!

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