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Happy holiday season, friends!

I wanted to do something special to thank those who support my Twitch channel or my Patreon page, and I’ve always loved the idea of sending holiday cards, so that’s precisely what I’m doing!

Anyone who subscribes to my Twitch channel (and fills out the form that will be available during my live streams), or supports via my Patreon at the $5+ tier will receive a holiday card in the mail!

This year has been full of sad, heavy nonsense, and I want to lighten the mood for anyone who’s helped me out a little. Not only that, but this time of year can be hard for those who are estranged from family, lost family members, or just don’t have good memories around the holidays. Even though it feels like just a small token of gratitude, it’s something that feels joyous enough to take your mind off of the weight of 2020, if even just for a moment.

I’m so excited to send you these cards! The card turned out SO cute, and I’m so looking forward to what you all think of it!

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