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Happy Thanksgiving, to those who are in the United States! And if you’re not, well hey, I hope you’re at least having a fantastic day!

Though Thanksgiving has some problematic historical contexts, I still enjoy taking today to take stock of what’s going on in my life, and noting all the things I’m thankful for. It’s magical for the brain, and so helpful for reminding us what’s important in our lives.

This year, I’m incredibly thankful for getting to create content for a living. This is something I never thought I’d be able to dedicate full-time hours to, but the fact that I have such a supportive following, and the fact that life has worked out in such a way to where I can pursue this dream, is something I’m beyond thankful for.

I’m incredibly thankful for friends, loved ones, family that cares, and the concept of chosen families. Being a member of the queer community, finding your tribe can sometimes be a long, incredibly trying journey. We’re not always born into a family that fully accepts who we are, and though many of us are, there are still too many of us that have to struggle for a place to belong. I’m beyond grateful for the friends, family, and loved ones who see who I am, accept me for it, and let me express myself fully without judgment.

And lastly, I would be remised if I didn’t take a moment to be thankful my health. My mom, who passed away from breast cancer three years ago, taught me to be thankful for being healthy, as for the eight years after she was diagnosed, being healthy wasn’t something she was able to give thanks for. So many times, she’d remind me to be thankful for my health. So many times, she’d note that she was grateful for what she could still do, despite cancer slowly eroding her away from the inside out.

Though I struggle with depression that can provide challenges when it gets pretty bad, I’m still thankful I can take care of myself. I’m thankful I can still feed myself, get out of bed, and do what I need to do in order to survive. I’m thankful I have the resources to go to therapy, to get meds, and to manage it the best way I can. Not everyone has the resources to manage their health, mental or physical, and giving thanks for what we can do helps us remember that not everyone is as fortunate, and empowers us to help those who need it.

Whether you’re celebrating today alone, with those in your household, or a small group of loved ones, taking a moment to note what we’re thankful for can help not only yourself, but those around you. You deserve even just that small moment of reflection and peace, especially with how hectic this year has been. It’s nurturing for the mind and the heart to remember which aspects of our life we’re grateful for.

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