Some new merch just launched on my merch store, and I am BEYOND happy with how it turned out! I had this dramatic little movie trailer made so that I can announce it, and also give you some context on how this merch was born.

If you like spooky stuff, and if you like looking FIERCE, you’re going to want to snag some of this merch for yourself!

Visit my merch store here to browse the apparel and other types of merch you can get with this SICKENING design!

Tee Mockup (JPG)

Big thanks to @dearestantoine for the AMAZING work on this design! And big thanks to @huggablehipstergaming for the amazing video to announce the merch! I’m so glad I was able to find such talented people to express these artistic visions!

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  1. Thank you for sharingg this

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