Y’all, I know I talked about how wild June would be, but I didn’t expect it to be as wild as it was. Holy geez.

So we were raising money for The Trevor Project on my Twitch channel all of last month with the goal of raising $2500. We uh, surpassed that…by a lot:


It was just beyond me. I think I said “thank you” more than I’ve ever said thank you for anything. I just couldn’t believe how much love was being poured into this campaign and into my community. I wanted the campaign to do SO well, because in a sense, the campaign doing well would show just how well I could use my own voice, and rally a community to band together for a good cause. And by golly, I’d say that we did it. It wasn’t just me, because my Twitch community did SO much to help us get here, too. I’m still so dang proud of every single person in the community.

Because of the amount that we’ve raised for charity, some of our milestone incentives have been providing us with some VERY entertaining content.

I said once we hit $2,000 for the campaign, I would have my lovely friend Mynx DeMilo, a local drag queen in Phoenix, turn me into a woman live on my channel. I’ve been interested in seeing what I would look like in drag for the longest time, so having this be an incentive to raise money for a good cause felt like the best way to try it out. We had a blast on that day, and it was astounding to see each step of the process from me going from Jeff to Jynx:


She did such a great job. Like, that is a WOMAN, and she is drinking ONLY top shelf liquor while turning heads in every room she walks into. She is stunning and no one can tell her otherwise.

After that experience, I thought: would I do drag again? Definitely. Would I do it regularly? Probably not. That suit was very form-fitting, itchy, and having false eyelashes felt like there was something in my eye that just wouldn’t come out. Sure, I feel like I could get used to it, and the rush of performing in drag could probably help me ignore all the discomforts of it, but it may be just an occasional thing that I do. I guess I also won’t rule out the possibility of it becoming a regular thing, though. You never really do know what direction your life will go in. You never know when Jynx will need to make a comeback.

As far as other incentives go, I will be reading the very first fan-fiction that I ever wrote live on my channel (which is happening TONIGHT), which I KNOW is going to be a cringe-worthy experience. Mostly for me. I’m sure everyone watching will be having a BLAST. I also have a Dark Souls stream coming up (for those who don’t know what it is, it’s essentially a medieval-type game that’s meant to be incredibly challenging) which will be an entertaining struggle, a nail painting stream which will be a delightful new experience for me, and…one more undecided thing that we still need to agree on as a community. Jumping into The Sims 4 for the first time without any prior knowledge or experience? Playing Getting Over It again while drinking cocktails? Something ELSE? It’s still a mystery, but we’ll get there.

Now that the wild month of fund-raising is over, I will be fitting more time to write into my schedule! I know I’ve been slacking big time on that, and it’s been weighing on me, so it will feel nice to get back to it. I have some opinion-based articles I would love to get to work on, and I would really like to start writing my novel, so I got some WORK to do. I’m feeling quite inspired to get to work on these, too.

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who’s been supporting me, whether it’s for my Twitch channel, my writing, or both. Y’all really help me keep going, so that this can hopefully be the career path that sustains me. You all mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful to know each and every one of you.

Keep being your shining, radiant selves! The world needs your unique kind of light.

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