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Happy Pride Month, y’all!

This month is always so much fun for me, because, despite being incredibly loud and proud about being gay most of the year, it’s fun to be EXTRA loud and proud about it, this month. It’s fun to see all of my friends posting super queer tweets, photos, videos, etc. in celebration of this month, making our internet spaces EXTRA queer. I think it’s one of the most beautiful forms of representation, seeing everyone be so unapologetically themselves on social media, and in whatever forms of content creation they dabble in.

Something I always think about when it comes to Pride Month is how far we’ve come as a community, but how hard it still is to be under the queer umbrella. Things are better, for sure, but people still get killed simply for being LGBTQIA+. The current administration has banned trans people from the military, and has made it hard for them to do something as simple as use a public bathroom. Heck, people still get disowned for being gay. Sure, things are better, but it’s still far from easy.

As a community, it’s important to recognize these struggles, and do what we can to help alleviate the problems within it. Last year, I raised money for The Trevor Project for a whole month via my Twitch channel, and it was one of my proudest times of content creation. We had a goal of $2,000, and we managed to raise just a bit over that amount. I was beyond thrilled, and it felt amazing to contribute to an amazing non-profit that aids in suicide prevention for queer youth.

And this year, I’m doing it again!

I’ve been raising money for a few days on the channel now, and we’ve already reached over $500. I’m absolutely blown away by people’s generosity, and the ability for us to come together and help an organization that provides such an amazing service for our community. I believe in what they do, and using my platform to raise money for them feels like the right thing to do.

Above are the incentives for donating to the campaign I’m doing for The Trevor Project. However, you will have to make these donations while I am live to receive the rewards! If you don’t think you can catch the streams, but still want to make a contribution, you can click here to get to the campaign, and it would definitely still be beyond helpful for reaching our milestones! There are lots of things there, a few of which I have already had to endure. Here’s quite the example of one that I had to go through:

Yeah, it was a TIME.

I hope you all are having an amazing Pride Month so far! Let me know in the comments if you have any fun, exciting Pride-related plans! I encourage you to go to your local Pride festival, especially if you’re already considering it! I always have a great time at mine. It just stinks that it doesn’t happen during the summer, here. However, we’re thankful for that, because having a Pride festival during a Phoenix summer would be miserable, and probably really smelly.

Thanks for reading! Keep spreading all that queer energy, y’all. You’re changing the world for the better.

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  1. Great job with that charity! It’s a sick amount for something that great ❤️🌈

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