If you haven’t heard of Twitch before, it’s a website where people broadcast live gameplay for the audience’s entertainment (and now, live art, painting, and other creative passions, as well!) It’s an enjoyable way to build a community through a love of video games and live entertainment. I’ve always wanted a really fun way to interact with people when it came to my passions, and Twitch has definitely been able to do that, for me! Even if it’s a single-player game, I believe gaming can be such a social experience, and getting to talk to people directly about my favorite games, while playing said games, is something I’ve been enjoying so much.

On my Twitch channel, I primarily stream games with stories, as I enjoy getting to see the kind immersive storytelling video games have to offer! This can include RPGs (role-playing games), visual novels, horror games, and occasionally some platformers and simulation games.

You can find me streaming on Sundays at 1pm MST, and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 5pm MST!