For those who are unaware of what Patreon is, it’s essentially an on-going crowd-funding website for creators of all kinds, meant to grow their craft in the form of people pledging their support on a monthly or per-creation basis. If you’d like to know more about how I plan to use the money that my supporters pledge, feel free to swing by Patreon page!

The individuals listed below, which I call the “Cool Geeks Club,” are featured on this page because of their generosity in becoming extra generous patrons and/or Twitch subscribers of mine, contributing to the development of my blogs, stories, and Twitch streams:

  • Kyle Limb
  • p4intthestars (Twitch username)
  • fairy_spawn (Twitch username)
  • oujiabread (Twitch username)

My gratitude is beyond words for my Patreon supporters, as it’s their pledges that help me get closer and closer to achieving my content creating goals!

If you’d like your name here, as well as access to tons of other behind-the-scenes content related to my writings and Twitch streams, be sure to become a pledge! It’s the highest form of showing support for my content, so it would honestly mean the world to me. You’d get a wide variety of rewards for supporting all of the creations that I’m passionate about!