About The Geek

Well hello there, guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’m Jeff: a writing, blogging, live-streaming, gaming, coffee-loving geek from Phoenix, Arizona. Creating content is what I love to do, and there’s just a certain, incomparable enjoyment I get from creating a piece of creative content (specifically writing) to put out into the world. It’s what keeps me going in this dog-eat-dog society.

When it comes to writing, I typically go toward writing fiction (typically dramas or stories with light fantasy elements), but I’ve been known to dabble in some poetry and creative non-fiction, as well. I’ve been writing since I was sixteen years old, and really started developing my craft while I was in college. That’s where I really started gaining a passion for writing, and the passion just keeps getting stronger! Like my cups of coffee in the morning.

I’ve also come to love live-streaming via Twitch, which has helped me foster a closer relationship to the communities who consume my content. Though a lot of what I do on Twitch is livestream gameplay for an audience, we often analyze storytelling elements in the games, and it helps inspire me to create new stories. The level of community building available on the platform is unlike any other I’ve been a part of, and as someone who loves strengthening community relationships, being on Twitch has done so much for me as a writer/online presence.

Aside from my creative endeavors, I’m a geek/foodie/kinda-sorta hipsterish individual who’d rather spend his weekends at farmer’s markets, binging on some Netflix, doing some Yoga, or playing some video games. I’m always blown away by things like the human condition, how a dog’s love can be life-changing, and how much coffee I can drink without ever getting sick of it.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I hope you enjoy the content I have to offer!

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