Co-Streaming The Gayming Awards!

The first EVER Gayming Awards is happening this Wednesday at 12pm PST, and I’m super excited and honored to be co-streaming it onto my Twitch channel!

This is the first time we have an awards ceremony completely dedicated to celebrating queer representation in the world of gaming, granting recognition to games and content creators that celebrate our identities. The typical gaming awards shows are so focused on things other than diverse representation, and though it’s getting better each year, it’s absolutely phenomenal that there will be an entire award ceremony just for LGBTQIA+ representation in games.

A whole ceremony for us to be seen. That’s absolutely incredible.

I’m so excited that Gaymingmag put this on, and that Twitch reached out to me to co-stream it, because I’m BEYOND excited to get to see the first ever awards ceremony for queer gamers BY queer gamers. It’s literally everything I would have wanted to see as a baby gay.

I hope to see you all there, because it’s going to be such an exciting (and VERY gay) time!

Also if you’d like to help spread the word about our co-stream of it, likes, RTs, and replies on my Tweet announcing the event would be very much appreciated!

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